Connecting to Discovery Cluster

To use the Discovery Cluster you must have a basic working knowledge of Linux (RHEL/CENTOS 6).

A detailed tutorial and the preferred software to use (Oracle Virtual Box) is presented in a tutorial that you can download using the link:

The method to connect to the Discovery cluster is via ssh (secure shell). Linux/Mac Clients have a shell prompt from which to connect.

ssh -X or ssh -Y ensures X11 forwarding is enabled and you can launch windows/GUI’s from Discovery login nodes. An example login is shown below using your cluster account credentials which is your “myneu” username and password. Discovery cluster login authentication is done via Northeastern University Active Directory and you will only be able to login after your account application is approved by ITS Research Computing and the Research Computing Committee.

[nroy@nkr-rc-neu ~]$ ssh -X’s password:
Last login: Thu Aug 22 12:45:58 2013 from
[nroy@discovery4 ~]$

To login from Windows clients directly we recommend using PuttY for ssh and Xming for X11 forwarding.

PuttY can be downloaded using the link: Please note this is an executable and can be run directly.

Xming can be downloaded using the link: This is an installation package and must be installed selecting all the default options. DO NOT CHANGE anything during the installation.

Connecting using PuttY and Xming to Discovery is given in detail in the document obtained using the link:

If you have issues using “” when you ssh into the cluster you can directly opt for a login node. In this case replace “” with “” or “” that will take you directly to a login node without using round-robin DNS.