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Discovery Cluster Usage Statistics Summary as of Fri Mar 28 12:08:40 EDT 2014

SUMMARY: (time unit: second) 
 Total number of done jobs:   90563
 Total number of exited jobs: 33565
 Total CPU time consumed:     126046685667.4      
 Average CPU time consumed:   1015457.3
 Maximum CPU time of a job:   27153061888.0      
 Minimum CPU time of a job:   0.0
 Total wait time in queues:   661184832.0
 Average wait time in queue:  1315.9
 Maximum wait time in queue:  1554497.0      
 Minimum wait time in queue:  0.0
 Average turnaround time:     9478 (seconds/job)
 Maximum turnaround time:     1554497      
 Minimum turnaround time:     0
 Average hog factor of a job: 9.88 (cpu time/turnaround time )
 Maximum hog factor of a job: 89479.55      
 Minimum hog factor of a job: 0.00
 Total throughput:            16.02 (jobs/hour) during 7748.64 hours
 Beginning time:              May 9 2013 15:21      
 Ending time:                 Mar 28 12:00

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