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Research Computing Staff are part of Information Technology Services (ITS) located at Northeastern University Offices, 22nd floor, 177 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.

The best way to contact the staff is via email.

Research Computing email is:

This will reach: Rajiv Shridhar (Dir-Systems & Production Svcs;Lecturer, ITS System Services), Robert Pierce (Asst Dir-Syst&Production Srvcs, ITS System Services), Bill Sheehan (UNIX Systems Administrator, ITS System Services), Shannon Sylvia (Lecturer;Sr SP Systems Administrator, ITS System Services), Dionis Espaillat (HPC Systems Administrator, ITS System Services), and Nilay Roy (Asst Dir-Research Computing, ITS System Services).

Your email will be reviewed and the most appropriate person will contact you right away.

If you have an immediate need, something urgent or require a response in 30 minutes during regular business hours or within 2 hours outside regular business hours contact the following research computing members directly:

  • Nilay Roy                 :-   email:              phone: 508/2262261
  • Rajiv Shridhar       :-   email:     phone: 617/3737547
  • Dionis Espaillat    :-   email:    phone: 617/3736681

If you have equipment that you want to locate at MGHPCC and have it managed by ITS Research Computing please fill in the questionnaire/checklist downloaded from here and email it to We will then evaluate the feasibility and costs (if any) involved and will contact you within two business days to provide a solution.

To cite Information Technology Services – Research Computing at Northeastern University the following is suggested at a minimum:

“The authors acknowledge Information Technology Services, Research Computing at Northeastern University for providing high performance computing and storage, related software, visualization, and consulting resources that have contributed to the research results reported within this paper. URL”

For a summary of the Discovery Cluster configuration go here.

Thank you – The Research Computing Team.