Undergraduate Design Competition Posters

Friday April 25 | Session A: 3:00-4:30 PM | Session B: 4:30-6:00 PM

Poster Session
Poster Number
1Adrienne KlineIndiana Institute of Technology
A2Alicia CalverleyWestern New England University
A3Alison LanziRensselear Polytechnic Institute
A4Amira Tokatli-ApollonUniversity of Massachusetts-Medical School
A5Amisha DesaiSUNY School of Optometry
A6Amy LoyaUnion College
A7Andrea VergheseDrexel University
A8Andrew McNaughtThe University of Rhode Island
A9Andy QuachSyracuse University
A10Arlinda RezhdoDartmouth College
A11Arnav PondicherryRutgers University New Brunswick
A12Ashleigh PetersonNortheastern University
A13Austin JordanJohn Hopkins University
A14Brent CoismanBoston University
A15Briana LauziereNortheastern University
A16Brianna SporbertWestern New England University
A17Brooke McCarthyUniversity of Rhode Island
A18Cassandra ZieminskiWestern New England University
A19Catherine BautistaBrown University
A20Chris MutchlerUniversity of Hartford
A21Christina BaileyWorcester Polytechnic Institute
A22Christina LieseUniversity of Hartford
A23Christopher LeslieUniversity of Hartford
A24Christopher MutchlerUniversity of Hartford
A25Cory SemperStevens Institute of Technology
A26Cory ZegelStevens Institute of Technology
A27Courtney MedeirosUniversity of Rhode Island
A28Courtney MadeirosUniversity of Rhode Island
A29Danny ChangThe College of New Jersey
A30Dena GuoNortheastern University
A31Edward HanHarvard Medical School
A32Eisha NathanUniversity of Maryland, College Park
A33Eleanor KleinhansStevens Institute of Technology
A34Elizabeth LiberackiUniversity of Hartford
A35Emily DubucWestern New England University
A36Erin RosenbergerWestern New England University
A37Evelyn ParkHarvard University
A38Feras BankharWestern New England University
A39Garrick AdolfNortheastern University
A40Gina MarshallWestern New England University
A41Gina MarshallWestern New England University
A42Hamsa GowdaUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
A43Hassan MuhammadNew Jersey Institute of Technology
A44Hee Jun ParkBrown University
A45Jacob DeneffUniversity of Connecticut
A46Jaslyn GeorgeStevens Institute of Technology
A47Jency MatthewThe College of New Jersey
A48Jessica SikulaIndiana Institute of Technology
A49John KolodziejskiStevens Institute of Technology
A50John Paul DumasUnion College
A51Jonathan ImsUniversity of Rhode Island
A52Jonathan KaplanUniversity of Connecticut
A53Joseph GayWorcester Polytechnic Institute
B1Julia ShannonUniversity of Rhode Island
B2Kassi SteinNortheastern University
B3Katey AmaralWestern New England University
B4Kayla VasseurWestern New England University
B5Kimberly ChanThe College of New Jersey
B6Krithika SwaminathanMassachusetts Institute of Technology
B7LaTonya SimonUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
B8Laura OsornoNew Jersey Institute of Technology
B9Lauren HazlettThe College of New Jersey
B10Leah ScullyThe College of New Jersey
B11Leland PungJohn Hopkins University
B12LeTicia BrownColumbia University
B13Lisa BenisonBinghamton University, State University of New York
B14Malvi HemaniJohn Hopkins University
B15Marguerite ChavezStevens Institute of Technology
B16Mario MataTemple University
B17Matthew JohnstonWestern New England University
B18Matthew ScottNortheastern University
B19Megan BoyerState University of New York Albany
B20Megan DempsyWorcester Polytechnic Institutet
B21Michael SchaefferWestern New England University
B22Mike SchubertRice University
B23Mikhail RudinskiyUniversity of Connecticut
B24Mohammed BarajaaUniversity of Hartford
B25Natalie PancerYale University
B26Nicholas HajjarThe College of New Jersey
B27Nicholas SchreiberWestern New England University
B28Nilsa La CunzaNew Jersey Institute of Technology
B29Paige BurkeNortheastern University
B30Patrick MeridaUniversity of Rhode Island
B31Paul EbaiWestern New England University
B32Rachel KolbThe College of New Jersey
B33RaeAnn StichterNew Jersey Institute of Technology
B34Rebekka DePewHarvard University
B35Ronald FalkowskiRutgers University
B36Ruchika SharmaSevens Institute of Technology
B37Ryan DonovanWestern New England University
B38Sai Krishnaraya DoppalapudiThe College of New Jersey
B39Samantha RuppertNortheastern University
B40Sandya SubramanianJohn Hopkins University
B41Scott CrawleyWestern New England University
B42Shane RaymondStevens Institute of Technology
B43Shiyu XiaJohns Hopkins University
B44Shrinesh PatelBoston University
B45Solomon MensahCity College of New York
B46Sonam ChhedaDrexel University
B47Sweta RoyStony Brook University
B48Talia Favale Northeastern University
B49Tara CallahanStevens Institute of Technology
B50Vivek KumarWorcester Polytechnic Institute
B51Wright KatieWorcester Polytechnic Institute
B52Zachary PuzoWestern New England University
B53Zayak JustinStevens Institute of Technology
B54Rebecca ThompsonBoston University