Platform Sessions

1. Bioenvironmental EngineeringSaturday 10:15 AM -11:45 AM4th floor suites
Session chairs:
Nathaniel Cady, University at Albany
April Gu, Northeastern University
Leslie Shor, University of Connecticut
10:15 AMMicrobial metabolism: from systems biology to synthetic ecologySegre, D.
10:37 AMVariations in moisture retention of contact-printed soil bacteria surface colonies using confocal microscopyDeng, J., Gage, D.J., and Shor, L.M.
10:52 AMBacterial Biofilms for Sequestration of Cu+2 from CMP WastewaterMosier, A., Jin, E., Behnke, J., Sidoli, J., and Cady, N.
11:07 AMAptamer Based E-coli Detection in Waste Waters by Portable Optical Biosensor SystemYildirim, N., Long, F., and Gu, Z.A.
11:22 AMDecentralized, electricity-producing biological treatment of organic and nitrogen components of domestic wasteButler, C.
2. BiomaterialsSaturday 10:15 AM -11:45 AMBallroom 2nd floor
Session chairs:
Christopher Bettinger, Carnegie Mellon University
Lisa Freed, Draper Laboratory
Jeffrey Karp, Harvard University
10:15 AMElectrostatic Nanolayer Delivery Platforms for Tissue Engineering and Wound HealingHammond, P.
10:30 AMConsidering Tissue Type and State in the Rational Design of Materials and Medical Devices Artzi, N.
10:45 AMTendon-derived Sections for Tissue Engineering Applications Alberti, K.A. and Xu, Q.
11:00 AMDeveloping biomimetic collagen-based matrix using cyclodextrin for corneal repair Guo, Q., Shores, L., Schein, O., Trexler, M.M., and Elisseeff, J.H.
11:15 AMTSP-2 Gene Silencing in Human Aortic Endothelial Cells via siRNA Delivered From an Electrospun Polyester
Graft Material 
Raof, N.A., Pratt, W.B., Pathan, S.G., Nelson, D.W., Phaneuf, M.D., Pradhan-Nabzdyk, L., and LoGerfo, F.W.
11:30 AMThe Impact of Biomaterials on Engineering Auricular Cartilage towards Outer Ear Reconstruction Sundback, C.
3. Biomedical Devices and InstrumentationSaturday 10:15 AM -11:45 AMMcLeod 3rd floor
Session chairs:
Paolo Bonato, Harvard Medical School
Dale Larson, Draper Laboratory
Dinos Mavroidis, Northeastern University
10:15 AMA Flexible Active Needle for Steering in Soft TissuesDatla, N.V., Konh, B., and Hutapea, P.
10:37 AMStep Triggering Method in Motorized Exoskeletons Goffer, A.
11:00 AMA 5-mm diameter, piezo-scanning fiber device for high speed ultrafast laser microsurgery Ferhanoglu, O., Yildirim, M., Subramanian, K., and Ben-Yakar, A.
11:23 AMAn Inner-Ear Drug Delivery Platform with Fully Integrated Control, Actuation, and Fluidics
Tandon, V., Kang, W.S., Kim, E., Spencer, A.J., Pararas, E.E.L., McKenna, M.J., Kujawa, S.G., Mescher, M.J.,
Fiering, J., Sewell, W.F., and Borenstein, J.T.
4.  BioMEMS & On-Chip DevicesSaturday 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Ballroom 2nd floor
Session chairs:
Edgar Goluch, Northeastern University
Rohit Karnik, MIT
3:30 PMInertial Microfluidics for Biology and ManufacturingChung, A.
3:53 PMInsulator Based Dielectrophoresis to Predict Electrocompetency during Electroporation Ge, Z., Moran, J., Garcia, P., and Buie, C.
4:08 PMNeutrophil dynamics during migration in microfluidic concentration gradients Qasaimeh, M. A., Astolfi, M., Pyzik, M., Vidal, S., and Juncker, D.
4:24 PMLab-on-a-Disk Immunoassay for Ocular Diagnostics Walsh, D.I., Sommer, G.J., Schaff, U.Y., Hahn, P.S., Jaffe, G.J., and Murthy, S.K.
4:39 PMSingle-cell deep functional phenotyping of hematopoietic cancer cells Fan, R.
5.  Biomolecular EngineeringSaturday 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM4th floor suites
Scott Banta, Columbia University
Ravi Radhakrishnan, University of Pennsylvania
3:30 PMMolecular and Network Modeling in Synthetic and Systems BiologyTidor, B.
3:53 PMEngineering of Functional Proteinaceous Hydrogels for Biotechnology Applications Dooley, K. and Banta, S.
4:08 PMTemperature Effects on High-intensity, Ultrashort Electric Pulse Induced Cell Death Song, J. and Joshi, R.P.
4:24 PMMolecular recognition using corona phase complexes made of synthetic polymers adsorbed on carbon
Zhang, J.,
4:39 PMLimits of Tumor Targeting in Immunotherapy: Theory & Experiment Wittrup, D.
6. Tissue EngineeringSaturday 3:30 PM - 5:00 PMMcLeod 3rd floor
Stelios Andreadis, State University of New York Buffalo
Warren Grayson, Johns Hopkins University
Marsha Rolle, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
3:30 PMMolecular and Systems Bioengineering Approaches to Monitor and Control Stem Cell Fate DecisionsAndreadis, S.
3:50 PMHydrogel-based System for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Recruitment Choa, R., Lippens, L., Mehta, M., Lee, K., Madl, C., and Mooney, D.
4:02 PMEvery Cell has its Niche: Harnessing Microtopography to Control Keratinocyte Fate Clement, A.L. and Pins, G.D.
4:14 PMEffects of cyclic stretch on three-dimensional vascular smooth muscle cell rings Cooper, J.L., Favreau, J.T., Gaudette, G.R., and Rolle, M.W.
4:26 PMVascular Perfusion of Implanted Human Engineered Cardiac Tissue Coulombe, K.L.K. and Murry, C.E
4:38 PMRegenerating Musculoskeletal Tissues from Fat-derived Stem Cells Grayson, W.
7. Drug Delivery 11:00 AM-12:30 PMSunday 11:00 AM-12:30 PMMcLeod 3rd floor
Session chairs:
Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University
Tarek Fahmy, Yale University
Millie Sullivan University of Delaware
11:00 AMUnnatural Killer Cells: TRAIL-Coated Leukocytes that Kill Cancer Cells in the CirculationMitchell, M.J., Wayne, E., Rana, K., Schaffer, C., and King, M.R.
11:18 AMHistone-Mimetic Polyplexes for Targeted Intracellular Delivery During Gene Transfer Ross, N. and Sullivan, M.O.
11:36 AMRole of Electrostatic Interactions in Protein Loading in PLGA-PEG Nanoparticles Chopra, S., Lim, J., Farokhzad, O., and Karnik, R.
11:54 AMControlled Release of Proteins with Gel Microparticles Rios, J.L., Lu, G., Seo, N.E., Lambert, T., and Putnam, D.
12:12 PMPolymersomes for Image-Guided Therapy van de Ven, A., Geilich, B., Gharagouzloo, C., Barlow, J., Webster, T., and Sridhar, S.
8. Mechanobiology and BiomechanicsSunday 11:00 AM-12:30 PMBallroom 2nd floor
Session chairs:
Christian Franck, Brown University
Jeffrey Ruberti, Northeastern University
11:00 AMThe Effects of Interstitial Flow on Angiogenesis and Single Cell MigrationKamm, R.
11:22 AMUncovering Glycocalyx Mechanosignaling and Mechanoremodeling Mechanisms Ebong, E.E.
11:37 AMMultiscale Analysis of Cancer Cell Mechanics Mak, M., Zaman, M.H., and Kamm, R.D.
11:52 AMAltered Unfolding and Stiffening of Fibronectin for Tumor Progression Wang, K., Andresen, E., Roberto, C., Wu, F., Seo, B.R., Benson, V., Brown, C.N., Fischbach, C., and Gourdon,
12:07 PMCollective migration and cell jammingFredberg, J.
9.  System and Synthetic BiologySunday 11:00 AM-12:30 PM4th floor suites
Session chairs:
James Faeder, University of Pittsburgh
Kyongbum Lee, Tufts University
Ranjan Srivastava, University of Connecticut
11:00 AMFrom Context-dependence to Modularity in Biological CircuitsDel Vecchio, D.
11:22 AMFirst Passage Time Stochasticity in a Gene Network with Feedback Regulation Ghusinga, K.R., Dennehy, J.J., Singh, A.
11:37 AMTemporal information inference from static high-content fluorescent microscopy Kolouri, S. and Rohde, G.L.
11:52 AMApplication of Statistical Machine Learning in Identifying Candidate Biomarkers of Resistant to
Anti-Cancer Drugs in Ovarian Cancer 
Nabavi, S., Maitituoheti, M., Yamada, M., and Tonellato, P.
12:07 PMSpatiotemporal Regulation of Multiprotein Complexes Nucleated in Response to Receptor ActivationLazzara, M.
10. Biomedical ImagingSunday 1:30 PM – 3:00 PMBallroom 2nd floor
Session chairs:
Qianqian Fang, Massachusetts General Hospital
Mark Niedre, Northeastern University
Kawin Setsompop, MGH / Harvard Medical School
1:30 PMInfluence of collagen fiber architecture on calcific aortic valve disease progressionBaugh, L., Hinds, P., Huggins, G., Georgakoudi, I., Black III, L.D.
1:48 PMRapid High Spatial Resolution Diffusion MRI at 7 Tesla using Simultaneous MultiSlice AcquisitionEichner, C., Wald, L.L., and Setsompop, K. 
2:06 PMHigh-resolution, 3-D imaging of lumpectomy tissue using optical coherence tomography Hwuang, E., Higgins, L., Droz, R., Kim, L., and Pierce, M.
2:24 PMMapping Immune Cells Infiltration Using Restricted Diffusion MRI Yeh, F.C. and Ho, C.
2:42 PMA Novel Binocular Vision System for Wearable Devices Zhai, H., Li, H., Bai Y., Jia, W., and Sun, M.
11. Cell EngineeringSunday 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM4th floor suites
Session chairs:
Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Johns Hopkins University
Shelly Peyton, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Cynthia Reinhart-King, Cornell University
1:30 PMCellular mechanical properties as a biomarker of differentiation in adult stem cellsDarling, E.
1:52 PMIntegrin Binding Uniquely Regulates Tropic Breast Cancer Cell Phenotypes in vitro Barney, L.E. and Peyton, S.R.
2:07 PMAlterations in Membrane Potential Promote Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Proliferation Lan, J. and Black, L.D. 3rd
2:22 PMAn ex vivo platform for quantitatively analyzing pairwise interactions between cancer cells Milano, D.F. and Asthagiri, A.R.
2:37 PMModulation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype on Engineered Biomaterials Wong, J.
12. Human DynamicsSunday 1:30 PM – 3:00 PMRaytheon (240 Egan)
Session chairs:
Dagmar Sternad, Northeastern University
Neville Hogan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1:30 PMPerceptual Learning in Human Motor ControlOstry, D.
1:50 PMInfluence of Actuator Properties on Learning to Control a Virtual Limb Hasson, C.J.
2:05 PMNext generation soft wearable robots Walsh, C.
2:25 PMIn Motor Learning, Variable Practice Improves Transfer, but Only When the Variations Elicit
Yadav, V. and Sainburg, R.L.
2:40 PMVariability and internal competition in motor skill learning Smith, M.
13.  Nanomaterials and NanotechnologySunday 1:30 PM-3:00  PMMcLeod 3rd floor
Session chairs:
Daniel Anderson, MIT
Ravi Kane, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Thomas Webster, Northeastern University
1:30 PMNew Concepts in Biosensing using Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes and GrapheneStrano, M.
1:54 PMCollagen Self-Assembly in the Presence of Nano-Carbons: A Structure-Property Relationship Green, E., Zhang, Y., and Minus, M.
2:10 PMEnzyme-Based Nanocomposites: Using Nature to Ward off Emerging Threats Mehta, K.K., Pangule, R.C., Paskaleva, E.E., Mundra, R.V., Dordick, J.S., and Kane, R.S.
2:26 PMPreparation of a Nanopatterned Polymer Replica for Reducing Catheter Infection Liu, L., Ercan, B., Ni, S., Sun, L., and Webster, T.
2:42 PMDifferentially Charged Nanomaterials Control Selectin-Mediated Adhesion and Isolation of Cancer
Cells and Leukocytes Under Flow
Mitchell, M.J., Castellanos, C.A., and King, M.R.