End of the Thompson Division Season… On to Regionals!

Amidst some freezing temperatures (shoutout to -25 degree windchill) at Cochran’s this weekend, both Men’s and Women’s teams clinched the overall season 1st place title for the second year in a row!

On Saturday the top four racers from each team battled it out in a marathon dual paneled slalom. Represented by Emily Visnic, Casey Ross, Lucy Harrington, Caitlin Cosman, Julian Scherding, Chris Wigmore, Tom Licata, and Bennett Hadley, the Huskies were edged out by UVM and UNH teams, but both took home the win for the Thompson division.

With Sunday came the annual costume race and a colorful display of rediculous (and lack of any) clothing. Sporting an overwhelming amount of camoflage, the Northeastern team was almost impossible to spot. Fortunately the timing was still able to recognize the racers, and both teams took home an impressive win, the women by a 5 second margin and the men by a 10 second margin!

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At the final award ceremony, both teams were awarded the overall season title cups for the second year in a row. The woman’s team set another impressive record this year by clinching the first ever undefeated season with 12 first place finishes!! Both Julain Scherding and Alice Anastasia took home the individual season 3rd place titles. Also, a huge congrats to Emily Visnic for her overall season first place finish for the second consecutive year!! Both teams now look on to regionals at West Mountain, NY to continue their push to get back to Nationals.

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Midseason Update

With the 2015 season fully underway, both teams are solidifying what looks to be a promising season. We are officially halfway through the regular season with 6 races completed. After an extremely successful weekend at Dartmouth with 1st place finishes for both teams on both days, both the Men’s and Women’s teams are currently sitting in first place overall for the division!!

The Women’s team was lead with strong performances this weekend by Emily Visnic, Casey Ross, and Alice Anastasia, all three finishing in the top four on both Saturday and Sunday! With strong finishes by Caitlin Cosman, Lindsay Wright, Alli Anastas, Lucy Harrington, and Elyse Dinan, the woman took 8 out of the top 16 places on Saturday! Another shoutout to Alice Anastasia for taking home her first win on Saturday. The current overall league standings are dominated by huskies with Emily Visnic in 1st, and Freshman Casey Ross and Elyse Dinan in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

The NU Men’s team has taken every individual first place finish so far this year with Julian Scherding taking 5, and Nick Sherman with 1 win. Two of these wins for Scherding came this weekend at Dartmouth, with strong support from the rest of the team. Drew Baugher and Nick Sherman put up some impressive times both days, aiding the team in their wins by 5 and 7 second margins. Teammates Chris Wigmore, Orion Paul, and John McDermott also put in impressive times and helped the Men’s team take 6 out of the top 18 finishers.


Both teams look on to Sunday River this upcoming weekend, with both a Slalom and GS race to keep advancing down the road to nationals.

Ready to Start the 2015 Season!

After a long fall semester of conditioning and lifting, the team made final preparations for the 2015 seasons with a three-day training camp at Burke Mountain. This was the first time the team had been on snow together since acquiring 12 new members. With the help of a fast Poma, everyone was able to put in many runs on both slalom and GS courses. The team worked on their technique and got used to being back in gates. Returning members and new members alike were looking fast and ready to start the season. The team is ready to compete this weekend at Sunday River in two GS races, and is excited to begin what looks to a be a promising season.


Nationals Here We Come!!!!

After a sucessful weekend at Sugarloaf, both men’s and women’s team have offically qualified to compete at the National Championships in Lake Placid!

The racers faced tough conditions going into the GS on Saturday, after a bit of rain on Friday had frozen the snow solid. The women’s team fought hard and  Emily Visnic, Alice Anastasia, Katia Kozak, and Lindsay Wright, layed down solid times in both first run and second run, putting the team in 5th place for the day. The men’s team benfited from the fast times of Julian Scherding, Nick Sherman, Adam Sapers, and Dan Wigmore, and were seated in 4th for the day.

After a tough crash the day before, Hana Saydek came back to lead the women’s team into a 5th place finish for the day, supported by the times of Emily, Alice, and Lindsay. The men’s team was shaken by a surprise DSQ of Julian Scherding who won the first run and came in second overall. Unsure whether they could make it without his time, their placement was uncertain. However, after a disappointing crash the day before, Tom Licata came back to lay down two fast runs, and lead the team with a 19th place finish, supported by excellent results from Adam, Nick, and Dan. The Men’s team finished in 7th for the day.

Overall, after a nervewracking award ceremonies, the Women’s team placed 4th for the weekend, and the Men’s team placed 5th, both teams earning a spot at Nationals!! Northeastern was the only club team to qualify, and the first team from the Thompson division to qualify in 15 years. The whole team is looking on to Lake Placid and preparing for their first National Championships in decades. Nationals will be held at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid March 10th-15th.


Nick Sherman


 Hana Saydek

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Cochran’s SL … Women’s and Men’s teams both finish 1st place for the season!

This past Saturday at Cochran’s was a little different from our usual two-run format. It was a dual paneled-slalom where teams went head to head to determine the winner. After time trials in the morning to determine seeding, each school’s top 4 men’s and women’s racers moved on to represent their team. Each school faced their first opposing school by sending their 4 racers head-to-head against the other school’s 4 racer’s next to eachother on the two courses. The winner was determined by which racer crossed the finish line first, and each win gave your school 1 point. The racers each got one run on each course to even out any advantage that the difference courses might give, so in total each school could earn a maximum of 8 points per round. Any ties in points were broken by the time margins by which each racer won by. After beating another school, the team moved on to face the next school in the braket until they reached the finals.

Got all that? Good.

The women’s team, represented by Hana Saydek, Alice Anastasia, Emily Visnic, and Alli Anastas, advanced through the first two rounds easily and faced UVM in the finals. They lead after the first round 3-1. After a win by Hana Saydek put them in the lead 4-1, they unfortunately fell to UVM 4-4 by way of time margins. However, this secured a 1st place league finish for the women’s team, as UVM doesn’t count toward league standings!

The men’s team, represented by Adam Sapers, Chris Wigmore (who has discovered his specialty in paneled slalom), Tom Licata, and Nick Sherman, swept their first opponent, but lost out in the battle against UNH in the second match up. They then beat out WPI in the consolation round to claim 3rd place. With the final round match up against UNH and UVM (two teams that do not count toward league standings), this secured their 1st place league finish!

Sunday was back to a relatively normal slalom race. I say relatively normal because as it was the anual costume race, we saw many teltubbies, aliens, pigs, and even Santa coming down the course. Both the men’s and women’s teams won the race, and endless style points. Hana Saydek and Julian Scherding both came in 1st for the day!

We finished the day with the award ceremony, and represented well on the individual season podium with Emily Visnic placing 1st and Julian Scherding placing 2nd. Both men’s and women’s team won the overall season 1st place title!

The team looks on to regionals at Sugarloaf to hopefully extend their season and move on to nationals.



Sunday River GS – Round Two

A little ice doesn’t scare us! (and by a little ice I mean a water injected FIS hill)

Both teams performed impressively this weekend even facing tough conditions and unusual courses. The slalom on Saturday proved to be challenging for most racers, with over half of both men and women posting DNFs. The men’s team still pulled off the win, lead by the impressive time of Julian Scherding, who won the race by 1.49 seconds! The scores were rounded out by 7th and 11th place finishes by Adam Sapers and Dan Wigmore, respectively. The women’s team struggled a bit more, but still managed to pull off a 2nd place finish lead by 3rd, 10th, and 14th place finishes by Alice Anastasia, Emily Visnic, and Alli Anastas, respectively.

The length of Sunday’s GS course was challenging, with winning times at around a minute and twenty seconds. Alice Anastasia and Lindsay Wright powered through and put down two clean runs to claim 4th and 15th. Emily Visnic bounced back from a slight bobble in the morning run that put her in 9th to blow the competition out of water and win the afternoon run by 1.49 seconds, putting her in 5th overall for the day, and clinching the Northeastern win!!! Also, a special shoutout to Women’s President Tori Hone who killed it with a 28th place finish in her last GS race ever!!! The men’s team also powered through the long course to a win lead by a 1st place finish by Julian Scherding (by a margin of almost 2 seconds), a 3rd place finish by Nick Sherman, and a 14th place finish by Bennett Hadley.


Alice, Tori, Alli, Emily, and Hana at Sunday River


Bennett Hadley in the GS on Sunday



Mid-Season Update

The Northeastern Ski team has started the season out with a bang, with both the Men’s and Women’s team leading their divisions by significant margins.

The Women’s team is lead by the impressive speed of Hana Saydek, who boasts three 1st place finishes so far, Emily Visnic, and Alice Anastasia. Katia Kozak also continues to post consistently fast times, and at the last league calculation, sits in 4th place overall for the season. The team is rounded out by Annie Muske, Alli Anastas, and Tori Hone, who also continue to challenge their competitors and post impressive times in both GS and Slalom. After a third place finish in the first race, the women’s team has won every race since by considerable margins. This past weekend in the Dartmouth GS, they smoked the competition by margins of over 16 and 21 seconds!

The Men’s team continues to prove resilient against some stiff competition lead by the speed of Julian Scherding, Adam Sapers, and Nick Sherman. After an unexpected disqualification took away  Sherding’s first place finish in the Jan. 25th slalom at Bromley, he bounced back to win again on Sunday, bumping his first place total to 3 races! The men’s team benefits from great depth with Dan Wigmore, Tom Licata, Drew Baugher, Bennett Hadley, and Chris Wigmore consistently placing in the top 20, and many times the top 10. With a lineup rounded out by racers such as Matt Dwyer and Josh Wohlfeld, it’s difficult to even set the race order with so many talented racers!

The team is now focusing their attention on the two remaining races of the season, a GS at Sunday River and a SL at Cochran’s. With their impressive results so far, the team is setting their sights down the road to the fast approaching regional competition.



The Northeastern Ski Team is proud to announce that we have raised over $9,000 through the Catalyst fundraiser and anonymous donations.  Please consider donating to the team by following this link.  There are 19 days left in this fundraiser.


Go Huskies!